29-30 November 2022 | 9.00am – 5.00pm GMT+8
In-person | Lecture Theatre, Lifelong Learning Institute Singapore | #NCPC

Restart, recharge, reconnect at National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference 2022- our 4th annual edition. A gathering of the best minds in the industry. Learn from counselling and psychotherapy experts as well as thought leaders. Interact with industry practitioners and like-minded professionals. Only at #NCPC Asia 2022, an in-person event.

200+ attendees | 20+ speakers | 14+ sessions | Fully in-person


This time in full-force as NCPC Asia 2022 will be in-person for our 4th annual edition! Yes, it has been four years and the last time NCPC Asia was an in-person event was in 2019. For the last three years, we’re proud to say that this conference has been a success with a great turnout of several hundred attendees plus glowing reviews for our past speakers and topics. For this year, it will be a great return to an in-person conference and we are most excited for the high-quality learning from notable industry experts and live interaction among attendees. With full hopes that the harsh effects of the covid-pandemic are well-behind us, it is time to restart, recharge and reconnect.

Mental health and you

The recent pandemic and the resulting economic recession have negatively impacted many people’s mental health. Frontline workers and young people have been some of the hardest hit. It has also created new barriers for people already suffering from mental illness. Virtual therapies, to a great extent, were a hindrance to effective treatment, but counsellors and psychotherapists around the world tried their best to help alleviate the problem. While they constantly worked out various interventions that would suit their clients, it has been found that therapists themselves are also on the brink of burnout. Hence in this conference, we aim to shed light on various pressing issues surrounding mental health that will help with the counselling and psychotherapy practice. We would also like to express our gratitude to our practitioners for their hard work as they remain our principal guardians in keeping our mental health in check.


To start, it will be in-person and you will be learning a host of compelling and relevant topics surrounding mental health and counselling practice. Our speakers who come from different backgrounds are well selected to ensure an optimised learning experience through keynote presentations and panel discussions. Our meticulously-designed agenda is based on actual practitioner needs which promises enlightening discussions.

Across 14 hours +,
we will talk about:

  • Innovations in mental healthcare
  • Mindfulness-centred practice
  • Couples’ goals and staying connected post-pandemic
  • Art therapy and children with special needs
  • The benefits of work-life harmony
  • The correlation of life wisdom and positive ageing
  • Overcoming therapist burnout
  • Managing suicide bereavement


Dr. Karen Pooh

Dr. Karen Pooh

Clinical Psychologist

Alliance Counselling
Huma Durrani

Huma Durrani

Psychotherapist/ Author

Coloured Canvas
Navroop Sood

Navroop Sood

Trauma Therapist/ Founder/ CEO

Dr. Sunita Rai

Dr. Sunita Rai

Managing Director and Clinical Psychologist

Holistic Psychotherapy Center
Natalia Rachel

Natalia Rachel

Author/ Somatic Therapist/ Educator

Illuma Health
Lissy Ann Puno

Lissy Ann Puno

Counselling Psychologist/ Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

International Counselling & Psychology Center
Dr. Weining Chang

Dr. Weining Chang

Senior Research Fellow

Institute of Mental Health
Dr. Nigel Marsh

Dr. Nigel Marsh

Professor of Clinical Psychology

James Cook University Singapore
Jewel Yi

Jewel Yi

Co-Founder/Director/ Principal Occupational Therapist/ Co-Founder of Covid19 Migrant Support Coalition/Lead of Health and Engagement

Little Marvels
Anita Barot

Anita Barot

Founder/ Counsellor

Lotus Psychotherapy
Dr. Andy Hau Yan Ho

Dr. Andy Hau Yan Ho

Head of Psychology/ Professor of Psychology & Medicine/ Social Scientist

Nanyang Technological University
Andrew Epaphroditus Tay

Andrew Epaphroditus Tay

Head and Director for Health and Wellbeing, Office of the Preside

National University of Singapore
Maria Micha

Maria Micha

Clinical Mental Health Counsellor/Psychotherapist/ Hypnotherapist

Maria Micha Counseling Center
Cheryl Tan

Cheryl Tan


The Breathe Movement
Nathan Y Andres

Nathan Y Andres

Global Wellbeing Leader

The Body Shop
Fiona Yassin

Fiona Yassin

Clinical Director

The Wave Clinic
Lou Lebentz

Lou Lebentz

Therapist/ EMDR Clinician

Trauma Thrivers
Sheila Kaur

Sheila Kaur

Senior Counsellor/ Clinical Supervisor

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)
Debbie Ng

Debbie Ng

Senior Director of People and Culture

Singapore Pools
Rahul Ramaswami

Rahul Ramaswami

Head of Benefits

Standard Chartered Bank
Rebecca Versolato

Rebecca Versolato

Psychoanalyst/ Counsellor

White Canvas Therapy
Vickineswarie Jagadharan

Vickineswarie Jagadharan

Professional Counsellor/ SG Heroine Awardee 2022





USD 599


Special offer for 5 tickets or more


NCPC Asia 2022 is a one-of-a-kind counselling and psychotherapy conference in the region that is done in a lively and friendly format. With the easing of pandemic restrictions, this in-person conference format is a chance to reconnect. The main benefits for attending include:


A learning opportunity for delegates in search of compelling and trending subjects in counselling and psychotherapy.


Be able to query industry experts for advice on work-related issues and struggles.


Be able to engage with 200+ industry professionals and experts in a large-scale and live group setting.


Be able to share valuable learning points with your team and apply them to help solve their clients’ mental health challenges.


Whether it’s updating your professional knowledge, networking with other industry professionals or enhancing your personal mental well-being, NCPC Asia 2022 is a must-attend event for:





Life, career and health coaches

Mental health advocates

Corporate professionals


and more!


Sponsors and Partners

NCPC Asia 2022 will be the perfect platform for you to network in-person with over 200 leading professionals hailing from some of the region’s most well-known mental health organisations. Use this opportunity to make a positive impression on them and forge long-lasting relationships for your brand’s success.

Opportunities with
NCPC Asia 2022

Here's some benefits that you will gain by sponsoring this event

Brand positioning

Engage in meaningful conversations during networking sessions and collect quality contacts for your company.

Product showcase

Share and show to the audience what your brand’s solution and products can offer. This conference will be the perfect platform to reach out to your target market.

Tap the collective minds

Get up-to-date perspectives from leading experts and practitioners in the counselling and psychotherapy industry, leading to remarkable enhancements to your future products and services.

Lead generation

Generate new cross-border leads and convert prospects beyond your usual market. Gain access to high quality leads though your own exclusive exhibition booth, sharing of your content materials with delegates and much more.

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