Topics covered in NCPC Singapore 2023

  • The impact of a dysfunctional family upbringing: Causes, patterns and healing
  • Mind-Body: A Novel Approach to Sustainable Healing focusing on how to achieve an integrated approach to well-being and its benefits.
  • From Courage to Canvas – The Palette of Possibilities with Art Therapy
  • Childhood Sketches: Understanding and Treating Complex Trauma
  • Existential Therapy in Asia: Working with Authenticity in the Therapeutic Setting
  • Connected Parenting, Thriving Kid: Transform your Child today to competence
  • A panel discussion on Elevating the workplace experience: Creating an engaging and healthy workplace
  • Stuck in a Skinner Box: Breaking Free from Our Past Conditioning
  • Breaking the Silence – understanding and managing sexual shame in therapeutic relationships
  • Is talk therapy dead in Asia?
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth: Managing Risks and Understanding Protective Factors
  • Essentials of Trauma healing
  • The impact of excessive usage of social media on youth’s mental health and the help provided through counselling
  • When trauma survivors meet psychopaths at work: A match made in hell?