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National Counselling and Psychotherapy conference 2021 aspired to equip you with the latest science-based knowledge and tools to restore and promote overall mental health and emotional well-being in this challenging time of transition. We hope you found the sessions insightful and the discussions empowering!

Our global experts delved into the hot button topics in psychology and mental health sharing a wealth of knowledge on resilience, optimism, willpower, performance, the impact of digital media. Through this two day, live, interactive event, we gained insights into neuroscience, geropsychology and experienced alternate therapies such as somatic movement and EFT – all aimed at maximising our potential to live more vibrantly in 2022.

A special thank you to all our wonderful Speakers who joined us from all over the world, shared their learnings in such an engaging manner and patiently answered the overwhelming number of questions!

Thank you to our wonderfully participative audiences for the high energy and enthusiasm – there would be no NCPC 2021 without your support! We look forward to partnering in our journey on mental health. We have some great plans for 2022 so stay tuned!

If you missed National Counselling and Psychotherapy conference 2021 and would like to access the presentations – please get in touch with our team, and we will get you sorted right away.

National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference 2022

We are excited for what’s coming in 2022 and would love your suggestions on how we can deliver what you want! . Complete this form to register your interest in attending or speaking at NCPC 2022!

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Our 2021 Speakers

Dr Helen Fisher, Ph. D

Dr Helen Fisher, Ph. D

Senior Research Fellow, The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, USA
Prof Roy Baumeister

Prof Roy Baumeister

President-Elect, International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), USA
Dr Karen Reivich

Dr Karen Reivich

Director of Resilience and Positive Psychology Training Programs, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Dr Sam Goldstein Ph. D

Dr Sam Goldstein Ph. D

Assistant Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry, University Of Utah School Of Medicine, USA

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Who should attend National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference  2022?


Whether it’s updating your professional knowledge or enhancing your personal mental well-being, NCPC is a must-attend event for:

  • Psychologists
  • Counsellors
  • Educators
  • Life & Health Coaches
  • Students and many more!



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See what our past attendees have to say

The call for mental health professionals is here and now. We need conferences like NCPC to be more cohesive in our voice calling governments and other organisations to support this vital role in keeping the liveware of any economy, that is, the people connected and productive in all aspects of life.

Master of Arts in Psychology, Student

I am happy that I can systematise how I can look at the risk factors.


Professional and very well-organised.

Senior Psychologist

Practical yet evidence-based trustworthy contents!

Organisation Development Consultant

Mental resilience, well-being, adaptation to change and social connection are all important aspects covered in the forum. It was very well covered.

Mental Health Psychotherapist

A good overview of counselling and psychotherapy concepts.

Counsellor and Coach

Each session is a gem of information.

HR Manager

Wonderful perspectives from experts across different fields.


Good speaker selection with professional practitioners who provide real learning and value add to the participants. Well done!

Corporate HR Director

To improve is to know. To know is to listen to the experts. To listen to the experts is to join the conference!

Senior Counsellor

One line struck me in this conference, PAIN - pay attention in the now. The pandemic clearly shifted our focus and even derailed our professional and personal journeys, the first virtual NC&PC conference gave us a venue to realign back to our core purpose as mental health students and professionals - to be of service to others no matter where we are by understanding that we are all in this together now.

Master of Arts in Psychology Student

Good for those with no counselling background. Talks are easy to follow and understand.


Being able to journey with your client in therapy put therapist in a honorable and privilege's position. Be present and trust the process.

Mental Health Counsellor

Awesome awareness and knowledge. Most of us including myself definitely need to take these pit stops from time to time for overall mental well-being. Along the journey of always caring for others, we tend to overlook on our own needs.

Regional Director

The conference was an eye opening event with so much learning.


Well done onlive conference with smooth technicality


Well done onlive conference with smooth technicality


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