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We are stronger together

Bolstering mental resilience of our healthcare professionals

We are proud to bring to Asia the second edition of the international series, National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference (NCPC), delivered in a fully virtual format from 10-12 November 2020.

This event is specially curated for the frontline healthcare professionals, caregivers, business leaders, employers and individuals who are coping with the trail of disruption left behind by the pandemic – high stress levels, acute anxiety, depression, suicidal inclinations and more.

We invite you to join our regional and international expert speakers to re-imagine your practice modalities and cultivate a resilient mindset.

Through our 4 themes – Mindfulness and Healing, Geriatric Care Management, Trauma and Care, Youth and Children – join us as you dive into 15 sessions and explore how you can:

  1. Gain support from fellow professionals and practitioners through fact- and evidence-based methodologies to enhance practice.
  2. Minimise fear and fatigue by becoming more aware of your own limits.
  3. Remain progressive and do something more for the greater good of the society.

What can you expect?


Expert-led training through thought leadership

With a targeted focus on industry practitioners, hear from key industry leaders and renowned professionals who will take the e-stage to answer some of your burning questions.


Practical and adaptable approach for quick application

Our stellar speaker line-up will provide you a myriad of perspectives that has worked in different contexts and environments. Pick which is most relevant for you and be prepared to apply it immediately, post the session!


Cross-learning and collaboration

Break the silos and work towards moving the profession forward as one! Learn how other practitioners have ventured beyond theory, frameworks, and concepts to real-life application in their various specialisations of practice.


Benchmarking best practices across different practices

As the region’s leading conference, this is the best platform to get insights from your peers and co-create solutions to your challenges at the workplace.


A safe and open environment just for you

Hear how you can be progressive and remain as value-adding members to the society while staying true to the ethics of your profession.

Conference agenda

All live sessions include dedicated Q&A time. The conference will take place from 10-12 November 2020.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
The Value of Positivity Resonance in Pandemic Times
  • The contributions of positive emotions and positive social connections to resilience.
  • Unpacking a scientific definition of love in terms of positivity resonance.
  • The contributions of positivity resonance to individual and public health.
  • Micro-interventions to increase positive social connections and its associated benefits.

Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D., Kenan Distinguished Professor, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Are you ready to stop fear from guiding your thoughts, behaviour and feelings?

Maria Micha, Certified NeuroChangeSolutions Corporate Consultant, Maria Micha Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Counseling Center

Digital Interventions for Mental Health: Effectively connecting with your patients through technology
  • How can you improve access to therapy through digital mental healthcare?
  • How you can tap into online and offline therapy to complement your existing practice.
  • What’s next for digital mental healthcare.

Antoinette Patterson, Co-Founder/CEO, Safe Space

Suicide prevention through the lens of intervention and postvention

Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds. Suicide occurs throughout the lifespan and is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds globally. – WHO, 2019.

  • Exploring effective ways of using case formulation to guide treatment planning for at-risk individuals.
  • Building resilience in youth and children to maintain life.

Dr Natalie Games, Clinical Psychologist, Alliance Counselling

Myths and Facts about Hypnotherapy
  • Understanding what the Mind is and how it operates.
  • What is Hypnosis and how does it work?
  • Exploring the scope of Hypnotherapy in practice.
  • Emotional Management Technique.

Dr Kavita Bhargava, Pyschologist, IMDHA Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist., Eternal Hospital Jaipur

End of day one
Integrating recovery practices with positive psychology interventions into working practice
  • Repackaging integrated clinical therapy to promote wellbeing instead of treating illness.
  • Incorporating strengths-based practices to alleviate distress and influence post-traumatic growth.
  • Utilising strengths-based dialogues to empower clients’ autonomy in constructing a personal plan of resilience.

Stephen Lew, Founder and Executive Director, The School of Positive Psychology

Embracing shared work flow: Removing silos in managing suicide on a macro level
  • Suicide statistics, trends and insights into clients’ help seeking behaviours
  • Self-determination vs life preservation – which and when?
  • How SOS can work with fellow practitioners to better synergise service and develop a shared workflow

Charlene Heng, Head of Department Core Services, Samaritans of Singapore

Youth delinquency: Integrating delinquent youths back into the society 

In general, youth delinquency begins with petty offences such as robbery or violent behaviour, which can be easily traced by and corrected through institutions and community and family environments- United Nations, 2020.

  • Going beyond therapy to help youth delinquents internalise families’ belief systems and their phases of acceptance.
  • Assimilating positive influence of coping behaviours into practice to avoid re-offence.
  • Modern psychology intervention in prosocial behaviours that extends beyond the client.

Karen Rose Vardeleon, Founding Partner, Psychologist, Childfam Possibilities Psychosocial Services

Working through the hurt: Easing emotional burdens and burnouts caused by abusive relationships
  • Creating boundaries as a healthcare professional that will not overstep the patient’s decision.
  • How can you avoid replicating relational patterns from the past even if clients expect it?
  • What do you do when you identify disruptive and violent behaviours during therapy?
  • Elizabeth Santosa, Psychologist, Wellness Development Center

The ART of Self Discovery
  • An opportunity to enter and tap into your own creative process.
  • Leveraging on Art Therapy as means of self-exploration and gaining personal insight.
  • An opportunity to access and be directed towards what Jung calls the ‘Self’.

Joanna Tan, EMDR qualified practitioner, Mindfulness certified,  Senior Art Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor

Discovering the play of interpersonal relationships through process groups

The power of social networking is such that the number of worldwide users is expected to reach some 3.43 billion monthly active social media users by 2023, around a third of Earth’s entire population- Statista, 2020.

  • Understanding basic principles of process groups.
  • Understanding stages of group development and common group dynamics.
  • Experiencing being a group member and group dynamics.

Nishta Geetha Thevaraja, Clinical Psychologist, Singapore General Hospital

Liew Shi Min, Clinical Psychologist, Singapore General Hospital

End of day two
Alleviating anxiety and stress with art therapy during the pandemic
  • What is art therapy?
  • How does art therapy help to alleviate anxiety and stress and support mental wellbeing during periods of uncertainty such as the current pandemic?
  • Experiential activity: Join the speaker in a brief drawing exercise to gain insight into how this modality works.

Rachel Yang, MA, AThR, President, Art Therapists’ Association Singapore
*Due to the speaker’s request, this session will not be recorded and will not be available on demand.

Managing Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) in Singapore’s Nursing Homes – A Person-Centred Care Approach
  • Principles of behavioural management.
  • What are the considerations when applying the principles of behavioural management in managing BPSD?
  • The importance of non-specific factors in psychotherapy in managing BPSD in the nursing homes.
  • Case illustration.

Lim Si Huan, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Aged Psychiatry Community Assessment & Treatment Service, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore

Mindfulness session

Kathirasan K, Managing Director & Founder, Centre for Mindfulness and Founding Partner, Positive Performance Consulting

A vivid encounter with Gestalt Therapy
  • How can you develop an awareness of the philosophies behind Gestalt Therapy as a way of life.
  • What are the core tenets of Gestalt Therapy?
  • Experiential learning: Experiencing selected concepts of Gestalt Therapy in the here and now.
    • Hwee Boon Toh, Professional Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor
Paediatric Oncology: The Bidirectional Influence of Parental and Children Adjustments
  • The impact of a diagnosis that extends beyond the child with cancer
  • Parents and children’s adaptation processes following a cancer diagnosis
  • Intervention strategies for better psychological outcomes

Agnes Chong, Clinical Psychologist, National University of Malaysia (UKM)

Closing address and end of NCPC 2020
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Featured Speaker

Barbara Fredrickson

Barbara L. Fredrickson

Ph.D., Kenan Distinguished Professor
Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson is most known for her “Broaden-and-Build Theory” of positive emotions, foundational within Positive Psychology for providing a blueprint for how pleasant emotional states, as fleeting as they are, contribute to resilience, wellbeing, and health. She has published more than 120 peer-reviewed articles and her general audience books, Positivity (2009, and Love 2.0 (2013, have been translated into dozens of languages. Among the most highly cited scholars, she was recently identified as in the top 0.01% of scientists (across 22 scientific fields) in terms of career-long scholarly impact. Her ideas have influenced scholars and practitioners worldwide, and in 2017, she was honored with the Tang Prize for Achievements in Psychology, awarded to recognize exceptional career contributions to the wellbeing of humanity.

2020 Speakers

If you’d like to suggest a speaker or apply to speak at NCPC 2020, please contact
Priya Veeriah, Conference Manager, at or +65 6423 0329.

Barbara L. Fredrickson

Barbara L. Fredrickson

Ph.D., Kenan Distinguished Professor, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr Natalie Games

Dr Natalie Games

Clinical Psychologist, Alliance Counselling
Rachel Yang

Rachel Yang

MA, AThR, President, Art Therapists' Association Singapore

Lim Si Huan

Lim Si Huan

Senior Clinical Psychologist, Aged Psychiatry Community Assessment & Treatment Service, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore

Karen Rose Vardeleon

Karen Rose Vardeleon

Founding Partner, Psychologist, Childfam Possibilities Psychosocial Services
Dr. Kavita Bhargava

Dr. Kavita Bhargava

Psychologist, IMDHA Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist., Eternal Hospital Jaipur
Maria Micha

Maria Micha

Certified NeuroChangeSolutions Corporate Consultant, Maria Micha Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Counseling Center

Kathirasan K

Kathirasan K

Managing Director & Founder, Centre for Mindfulness and Founding Partner, Positive Performance Consulting

Agnes Chong

Agnes Chong

Clinical Psychologist, National University of Malaysia (UKM)
Antoinette Patterson

Antoinette Patterson

Co-Founder/CEO, Safe Space
Liew Shi Min

Liew Shi Min

Clinical Psychologist, Singapore General Hospital
Nishta Geetha Thevaraja

Nishta Geetha Thevaraja

Clinical Psychologist, Singapore General Hospital
Charlene Heng

Charlene Heng

Head of Department, Core Services, Samaritans of Singapore
Stephen Lew

Stephen Lew

Founder and Executive Director, The School of Positive Psychology

Elizabeth Santosa

Elizabeth Santosa

Psychologist, Wellness Development Center
Joanna Tan

Joanna Tan

EMDR qualified practitioner, Mindfulness certified, Senior Art Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor

Hwee Boon Toh

Hwee Boon Toh

2nd Vice President of Singapore Association of Counselling (2018 - 2020), Registered Counsellor and Registered Clinical Supervisor


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  • Certificate of completion.

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