National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference 2021

Embracing The Future – with conviction and confidence

7-8 December 2021  |  9AM-4PM (GMT+8 / SGT)  |  Online  |  #NCPC

Singapore’s leading conference for counsellors, caregivers, psychologists and mental health champions

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About Us

Following the immense success of the National Counseling Psychotherapy Conference 2020, we are proud to present the third enhanced edition of NCPC.  With expert insights and new approaches from International and local speakers, the conference will address some key mental health concerns faced by us

This year, our focus is on promoting the overall mental health and emotional well-being of our community as we navigate these uncertain times. At the heart of our agenda is the belief in our strength and resolve -as individuals, families, and communities.

As practitioners and caregivers, we play an integral role in the mental and emotional well-being of those in our care. This two-day, live and interactive event aims at increasing our awareness and knowledge and shows us practical ways in how we can identify, intervene and offer support.

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Children & Youth

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Resilience & Performance

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Family & Relationships

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Complimentary & Alternate Therapies

Over 14+ hours, we will

Talk about optimism, resilience, will power and how we can cultivate these qualities to live a brighter, better life

Learn how to foster essential 21st-century skills in our children to help them embark on the future with confidence

Focus on cognitive, emotional and behavioural effects of common yet unspoken issues such as fear, depression, anxiety and addiction, their causes and how we can better support ourselves and our loved ones

Experience the connection between the mind & body and how they work collectively to enhance our lifestyle

Understand more about love, family and relationships and how we can make these bonds more vibrant through neuroscience during these uncertain times

Explore how we can help our seniors maximise their twilight years

Join us online this December 7-8  for rich discussions and cutting-edge educational sessions that will help you sharpen your knowledge and skills, casting light on how we can meet the challenges of today together.

What can you expect?


Expert-led training through thought leadership

Access to globally renowned International Speakers and Regional Experts who will share their latest research and insights on different aspects of mental health


Contextualised to local setting

Closer to home, the topics discussed will put a spotlight on Singaporean & Asian society and it’s cultural pressures that have an impact on our mental and emotional well-being


Cross learning and collaboration

Break the silos between theory and practice. Upgrade your practical knowledge and skills and learn about real-life applications


14+ hours of real time, live interactions

All sessions are interactive with dedicated Q&A to answer some of your burning questions


A safe, open and interactive environment just for you

Listen, learn and share your thoughts and emotions in a safe, non -intrusive environment from the comfort of your home/office

Conference agenda

Day 1

  • The Biology of Good Relationships -How to use Neuroscience to build vibrant relationships, reduce stress and live a longer, healthier life
  • Willpower: Self-Control, Decision Fatigue, and Energy Depletion
  • Engaging the Physiology to re-shape the Psychology – Interactive Session
  • Psychology of Ageing -Making the Silver Years Shine
  • Rethinking Depression: Disease or Social Phenomenon
  • From Anxious to Adaptable: How to support and talk to young athletes before, during, and after the game

Day 2

  • Resilience and Learned Optimism
  • Future Proofing our Children for Tomorrow’s Success
  • Emotional Release Through EFT – Interactive Session
  • Digital Media and its impact on Cognitive Development and the meaning of Family Life: An interactive exploration of the learnings, pitfalls, and hidden benefits of a rapid paradigm shift in human development
  • Drawing wisdom from adverse life events for optimal transformation

2021 Speakers

Our full line-up of expert speakers for 2021 will be announced soon – check back for regular updates! 

Dr Helen Fisher, Ph. D

Dr Helen Fisher, Ph. D

Senior Research Fellow, The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, USA
Prof Roy Baumeister

Prof Roy Baumeister

President-Elect, International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), USA
Dr Karen Reivich

Dr Karen Reivich

Director of Resilience and Positive Psychology Training Programs, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Dr Sam Goldstein Ph. D

Dr Sam Goldstein Ph. D

Assistant Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry, University Of Utah School Of Medicine, USA
Professor Sunil Bhar

Professor Sunil Bhar

Professor of Psychology, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
Dr Geraldine Tan

Dr Geraldine Tan

Principal Psychologist, The Therapy Room, Singapore
Dr Jay Lee Nair

Dr Jay Lee Nair

Performance Psychologist,MentalNotes Psych, Singapore
Dr Scarlett Mattoli

Dr Scarlett Mattoli

Clinical/Neuro-Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor, Wellbeing Consultant, The Psynamo Group, Hong Kong
Vincent Yong

Vincent Yong

Founder, Danspire Singapore
Dr Adriana Giotta, Ph.D

Dr Adriana Giotta, Ph.D

Founder, Elephant Training & Therapy Singapore
Pooja Arora

Pooja Arora

Founder,Redefine Wellness Singapore
Dr. Rachel Ting Sing Kiat

Dr. Rachel Ting Sing Kiat

Senior Lecturer – Psychology, Monash University Malaysia



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• Streaming access to all conference sessions across both days

• Interactive access to Live Q&A with speakers across all sessions

• Access to virtual exhibition and networking with other attendees

• Unlimited access to presentation materials, recordings and additional resources for further reading (subject to speakers’ approval)

• Unlimited VOD playback access for 60 days for all conference sessions (post-conference)

• Certificate of completion from National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference 2021

*All prices are subject to 7% GST for Singapore-based registration

See what our past attendees have to say

The call for mental health professionals is here and now. We need conferences like NCPC to be more cohesive in our voice calling governments and other organisations to support this vital role in keeping the liveware of any economy, that is, the people connected and productive in all aspects of life.

Master of Arts in Psychology, Student

I am happy that I can systematise how I can look at the risk factors.


Professional and very well-organised.

Senior Psychologist

Practical yet evidence-based trustworthy contents!

Organisation Development Consultant

Mental resilience, well-being, adaptation to change and social connection are all important aspects covered in the forum. It was very well covered.

Mental Health Psychotherapist

A good overview of counselling and psychotherapy concepts.

Counsellor and Coach

Each session is a gem of information.

HR Manager

Wonderful perspectives from experts across different fields.


Good speaker selection with professional practitioners who provide real learning and value add to the participants. Well done!

Corporate HR Director

To improve is to know. To know is to listen to the experts. To listen to the experts is to join the conference!

Senior Counsellor

One line struck me in this conference, PAIN - pay attention in the now. The pandemic clearly shifted our focus and even derailed our professional and personal journeys, the first virtual NC&PC conference gave us a venue to realign back to our core purpose as mental health students and professionals - to be of service to others no matter where we are by understanding that we are all in this together now.

Master of Arts in Psychology Student

Good for those with no counselling background. Talks are easy to follow and understand.


Being able to journey with your client in therapy put therapist in a honorable and privilege's position. Be present and trust the process.

Mental Health Counsellor

Awesome awareness and knowledge. Most of us including myself definitely need to take these pit stops from time to time for overall mental well-being. Along the journey of always caring for others, we tend to overlook on our own needs.

Regional Director

The conference was an eye opening event with so much learning.


Well done onlive conference with smooth technicality


Well done onlive conference with smooth technicality


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